Makita Demolition Hammers

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Makita’s range of demolition hammers are more powerful than ever before but also feature ground-breaking anti-vibration technology (AVT) to deliver high levels of vibration protection. The result is maximum power and user comfort without harmful levels of vibration.

At Powertool World, we stock everything from the lightweight Makita HM0871C with its easy to hold barrel design through to the mighty 32kg HM1812 electric breaker which sets best in class standards with its 60% increase in impact energy. With a full range of Makita demolition hammers, you can be sure we have just the tool for the job.

If you’re not sure which of our Makita tools is best suited to you then please get in touch with our team. We also stock a range of demolition hammers and hex breakers from some of the leading names in the trade.