Cordless Measurement & Inspection Tools

Get a closer look at tricky jobs and measure tasks with complete precision. Our collection of cordless measurement and inspection tools help you do what you do best – even better! Designed by leading manufacturers like Hitachi , Panasonic and Bosch , the equipment in this precision selection will make mistakes and misjudgements virtually impossible. From wall scanners and angle measurers, to cordless laser range finders, optical levels, wireless inspection cameras and laser levels, this section is packed with more clever kit than Inspector Gadget. And the best bit? All of these sophisticated measurement and inspection tools are totally cord free. That means you can get on with doing things the right way without worrying about where the nearest socket is and whether you're going to trip over another wire. Invest in what you do best. Order best-in-class cordless measurement and inspection tools before 3pm today for super-fast next day delivery.