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The DeWalt 18v platform is about to offer more power than ever before with their new FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE range of tools.

These new tools feature FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE technology, which includes new brushless motors with stronger magnets and increased copper in the outer windings, plus a brand new electronic module. The smart thing about this new electronic module is that it recognises what type of battery pack is being used in the tool, and can draw more current and adjust the power output accordingly. This means that when you use a high performance XR FLEXVOLT battery pack with a FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE tool, as opposed to a standard 18v battery, you get much more power!

DeWalt’s 18v range is their largest cordless system, and provides enough strength and runtime to complete most standard applications quickly and easily. But, for those of you who regularly need extra power from your tools to complete tougher tasks, the new FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE range is ideal. These new tools leverage the maximum performance from XR FLEXVOLT batteries, reaching their full potential and providing additional power, whilst remaining in the popular and accessible XR 18v system.