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Keep your finishing tools on track with high-quality Festool guide systems available from Powertool World online.

One of the world’s most popular manufacturers, Festool produces the best in professional cutting, sanding and polishing equipment. In fact, Festool invented the guide rail to make using their equipment easier.

A durable guide can be the difference between a flawlessly straight cut and a jagged edge, which is why Festool created a range of guides to keep your work on the straight and narrow when you use Festool equipment.

Festool guide rails can be between 800 and 5000 mm long with the most popular guide rails being 1400 or 2700 mm. The FSK 420 and 250 are also trending choices. Whatever you choose, all of our Festool guide rails have several innovative features and zero-play guidance enables you to change the jaws on circular saws without the need to use tools. Splinter guards protect users against injuries while using their tools, and the guide rail and combination bevel make diagonal cuts much easier.

Festool guides can be combined to create different routes, and are also designed to be used with various Festool accessories. With options including combination bevels, fastening clamps, dual suction pads, and parallel side fences, you can customise your guides to suit the task at hand.