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  1. Bosch Professional GKF 600 1/4" Palm Router/Laminate Trimmer Kit inc Extra Bases

    Bosch Professional GKF 600 1/4" Palm Router/Laminate Trimmer Kit inc Extra Bases

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Bosch routers are designed to maintain precision when performing a series of tasks. These tools offer versatility in everyday projects and can handle a variety of material types. Bosch routers can handle grooves, edges, and copy with ease. There isn’t a project these Bosch routers can’t handle, which makes them an exceptional choice.

The GKF600 Palm Router features a 600 watt power input and a 33,000 RPM no load speed. It also offers a compact design that can handle moulding and will work on large or small projects with ease. With a microfine depth adjustment, you can ensure that you are executing cuts with absolute precision. This tool is so incredible, it can even emboss aluminium and leave you with a stunning piece of work.

With the GMF 1600 CE Router you’ll have the ability to better control the 1600 watt tool from the start. Designed to handle tight fitting motor blocks, the adjustment tool will allow you to make cuts at 1/10 mm steps. The maximum router cage stroke is an impressive 76 mm, which allows you to complete jobs faster. There is even an LED light for illumination of the work surface that will allow you to guide the tool with accuracy, even when the lighting isn’t the best.

Bosch have gained their worldwide reputation for producing routers that are versatile and practical for both professionals and amateurs to handle. Click Here to view available Bosch Routing Accessories.