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Sanding large surfaces is a time-consuming job: Frustratingly, many sandpapers rapidly clog with dust and lose their abrasiveness, making a long process even longer. By combining sharp grains and anti-clogging technology, the EXPERT C470 Sandpaper maintains its exceptional capabilities throughout. This means you can work faster, for longer, without compromising on the finish. Spend less time sanding – or get more work done – with the Bosch EXPERT C470 Sandpaper.

Dust is the big drawback of sanding. It clogs your sandpaper, rendering it ineffective. It coats everything in the room and permeates the house. That’s why we’ve come up with Bosch Particle Control technology and taken dust reduction to a new level. Reducing dust when sanding is not easy, but we've found a solution. This Bosch EXPERT M480 Sanding Net uses our Particle Control technology to keep the dust level to a minimum.