Trend Airshield Pro Spares

At Powertool World, we stock all the genuine Trend Airshield Pro spares you need to keep your safety equipment in the best possible condition. All the Airshield Pro parts are designed to filter out the finest synthetic and natural sawdust for healthy, hazard-free woodworking at home and on site.

The Airshield Pro is designed to provide maximum comfort and compact shielding against particulates. However, over time, wear and tear can lead to the parts working less efficiently than they should. Rather than having to buy completely new protection, our Trend Airshield Pro spares keep you working safely for less.

Our range includes replacement fan motors, face covers and visors, internal headbands and everything else you need to perform DIY tasks and professional jobs on site. Need yours sharpish? Then place your order by 3pm and we can have it with you the very next day.