Trend DC400 Dovetail Centre

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Crack on with some serious carpentry with the Trend DC400 Dovetail Centre, capable of creating a wide range of joints. Ridiculously simple to use and designed to turn complex tasks into a walk in the park, Trend's impressive DC400 can be used to make through dovetails, finger or box joints, shadow dove tails , half blind dovetails and much more. With options to change workpiece thickness, cut rebated drawer fronts and vary pin angles, this is truly stonking piece of kit which will see your tasks finished perfectly while your competitors are still twiddling their thumbs. Our selection of Trend DC400 parts includes tail guide sets, adjustable lapped tail pin stops, half blind guide sets and all the expert parts you need to create amazing joints at unbelievable speed. Place your order before 3pm today to receive your DC400 parts tomorrow. Order over £50 of gear and we'll provide FREE delivery!