Trend Inlay Kits And Templates

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Create flawless inlays of flowers, swans, stars, hearts, animals and other designs with our range of inlay kits and templates from Trend. Whether you're working on furniture for a kid's room or creating inlays for a bathroom, our collection of templates is available alongside a powerful inlay kit with a 3.2mm cutter for use with T5 and other compatible routers, which makes creating inlays a piece of cake. The Trend inlay kit includes a 1/8 inch down cut spiral router cutter, a guide brush and an inlay collar, so you can cut all sorts of shapes into your chosen surface. Excellent for adding something extra to projects, Trend's inlay templates and purpose-made kit can produce a wide range of styles and effects which will impress clients and give your skill set an additional edge. Order templates, router cutters and more before 3pm today to qualify for next day delivery. Don't forget that orders over £50 qualify for completely FREE delivery.