Festool Sword Saws

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Sword Saws - A totally new type of saw for Festool. For example the SSU 200 - cutting all standard materials used in timber construction up to 200mm, from wood to hard insulation materials. A great saw for timber framing, renovation, roofing and insulating. Lighter in weight and with a large depth of cut, it can go where a circular saw is unable to go. The special chainsaw blade gives an accurate precise cut especially when used with the optional Festool guide rail system.

Whether you are working with wood or insulating materials, the Festool UNIVERS SSU 200 sword saw cuts all materials common in construction up to 200 mm thick. The guide rail ensures straight, splinter-free trimming, longitudinal, mitre and compound cutting with ease. The special feature: The UNIVERS weighs just 6.5 kg – for effortless work.