Festool Routers

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A great addition to any toolbox, a Festool router can be used for rounding, chamfering, rebating, and profiling edges, recessing metal fittings, grooving rear panels, routing plasterboard, producing holes in cabinets, fashioning wooden joints, and much more.

We supply versatile, precise, and easy to handle Festool routers, which will allow you to effortlessly route profiles, grooves, rebates, and dovetail joints, including the Festool Router 1400, Festool 2200 Router or the Festool Router 1010.

To ensure that you get the best possible results out of your router, we supply an extensive range of Festool accessories and consumable materials that have been carefully selected to optimise your router’s performance. Accessories include dust extraction attachments, routing templates for absolute precision, extension profiles, worktop templates for corner and panel connectors, and hard fibre base runners.