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Most of you are familiar with Bosch ToolBox App by now, but Bosch are doing a great job on updating it and keeping it useful so let's have another look at its benefits and new features. You will also find the main tutorial videos on how to use the best of the features - all in one place - so read on.


1. Measurement Camera

Measurement camera feature makes measuring and taking notes even easier - just take a photo of the jobsite, enter the measured angles and distances directly to the photographed features, add notes and send it via e-mail. The video below will show you the detailed tutorial on how to use this feature.



2. Building Documentation

You can also document and manage your projects directly on the jobsite. Building documentation feature allows you to create projects for your customer orders as well as record the progress of your work, including reports. Tutorial video below will show you exactly how you can record an manage all your documentation on your device.


3. Torch

Torch feature turns your smart phone into a LED light providing you with the light on the unlit jobsites.

4. Report Sheet

All the reports on the work done and materials used are easily accessible. You can use the export feature to send the reports to the accounting or customers directly from the jobsite. If it gets a bit confusing you can find the detailed tutorial in this video.

5. Unit Converter

Converter works with over 50 units of measure like units for distance, mass or volume relevant to the tradespeople and other professionals. You will never get stuck with not being able to convert units no matter where on the globe you are or your instructions come from.

6. Bonus Bang

Every month you get new exciting offers when you purchase selected Bosch Professional power tools.

7. Bosch Simply Connected & Other Features

New features introduced are also a remote control of floodlights and a section where you can organise and manage your tools preparing you for the release of Bosch Simply Connected range of tools coming soon. We'll make sure to write more about them later.
ToolBox App also lets you find closest Bosch dealers using GPS locator, offers you an option to order a repair collection for your tools, Bosch Professional product catalogue and much more.


It's a good peace of software that you will find really useful even if you are not particularly into digitalised tools. The best part is the ToolBox App is absolutely free!
Download it directly to your device from this link: Direct ToolBox App Download

Or alternatively search for the term Bosch ToolBox in your choice of the app store. It's available for Android and Apple operating systems.

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