Trend Power Tools and Safety

As is only to be expected from a power tool manufacturer of their calibre, Trend are just as interested in the safety and comfort of their users as they are in providing them with power and precision.
This is precisely why they have designed a range of tools intended to allow their users to get the very most out of their work or projects without having to compromise on power or strength. With this collection of tool spares and complementary machinery, every user will be able to enjoy a prolonged experience ensuring that you get the maximum result from any task.
As a premier supplier of Trend machinery, Powertoolworld has a comprehensive collection of Trend safety equipment and this has been put together especially to ensure that Trend fans are able to get the very most from their experience. Our aim at all times is to ensure that hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike have everything they need to ensure the best possible results, whilst being assured of your own comfort and safety at all times.
Among this vital collection, you'll find kit boxes, filters, masks and spares, all designed with one goal in common; achieving the best results possible from your project.