Do you need some inspiration?

Powertool World Needs You - but do you need some inspiration?
Here is a small collection of interesting DIY tips, tricks and tool reviews to give you some ideas and get you going. It's easy! Just get your smart phone out on your next project and shoot a useful tip our way. What might seem like common sense to you may be a revelation to someone else so don't hesitate and put it on camera!

Let's have a look at what kind of videos we are expecting (and anything in between!)

Short Tool Reviews

You probably have your favourite tool you love working with. Give us a quick review and tell us why you love it - make sure to outline the shortcomings as well.
YouTube vlogger “Pouse around the House” is making interesting tool reviews. Nothing complicated, nothing extreme but still very interesting and useful. Could you make something like this?

Quick Tutorials

Are you an experienced handyman with a skill to share? Learned some better way of how to get a job done? Or maybe how NOT to go about the certain task? Why not show us how good you are and share some awesomeness with us.
“Bald Builders” on YouTube have a quick demonstration video on how to mastic a bathroom basin. We may have a tip here: might be better if you record your videos horizontally.

Useful Tips & Tricks

Maybe you have come across some great ideas, time-savers or health & safety tips? Why not share one with us?
“Ultimate Handyman” on YouTube also has great things to share with you. It's useful, short and to the point - things that could save you some frustration and time along the way.

Entertaining DIY

Or maybe you are not that much of a DIY person but you can make up for the lack of DIY skills by making your videos hilarious, fun and awesome instead? We want to see them! For example this dad - can't build a castle, but he sure can make us laugh. If you can make it this entertaining and also useful, you're onto the winner!

Find your voice, find your style and show us what you've got! We are looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with.

Email your video to, post it on our Facebook page with a tag #PTWNeedsYou or send them via Facebook Messenger. If you already have a YouTube or Vimeo channel, upload it there and send us the link. The closing date for entries is 31st March 2017. Have fun!

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